LAHORE: The life of actress ‘Bil Batori’ from the popular drama “Ainak Wala Jin” is haunted by poverty and destitution.
Some media reports said she even begged in streets for food for around three years.
Popularly known as Bil Batori, Nusrat Ara was part of comic drama Ainak Wala Jinn along with other odd characters including Charlie Mamu, Zakoota and the wise old Nastur Jinn.
Thirty years down the road, circumstances are rather changed for Bil Batori who, at 65, finds it extremely difficult to make a decent living, as she is living at a rented house in Lahore area of Samanabad.
Having been affiliated with drama industry, she relocated from Karachi to Lahore with high future hopes.
However, the situation did not roll out as she expected and she was out of employment once the Ainak Wala Jinn came to a conclusion.
The situation took even fiercer look for her decades down the line as she ran into multiple psychological disorders including depression with no proper means to grapple with these disturbing issues.
Nusrat Ara came back into media limelight but, this time round, in deplorable state evoking feeling of compassion for her and highlighting the overall apathy that she was subjected to throughout.
The room of her rented house where she sat emanates but gloom and dejection. Finding with no decent means to support herself, she felt forced to take recourse to the shrine of Data Ali Hajveri for food and money three years ago, she disclosed.
Nusrat Ara said she was ashamed of herself and her life that she is begging even for a morsel of food, saying, “I have never ever thought that my life will take such an ugly turn.”
“I gave my youth to the people of Pakistan and made them laugh. But, in return, I have no one to help me around and wipe my tears,” she complained.
Having grown old and weak through long years of worries, Nusrat Ara was at the shrine when she fell out of debilitating weakness and was brought to Sir Ganga Ram Hospital for medical treatment.
Disclosing her predicament, she bemoaned, “I have no means to prop me up for the last three years. Hence, I thoroughly depend upon the shrine for food.”
Saying that she is proud that she never sought help from anyone but myself, the distressed actress said, “I did what I best could to cope with what fate has thrown at me.”
But, she added that she has grown old, feeble and utterly fatigued, regretting that, “At present, I cannot even move my body, let alone pay the Rs10,000 rent that is due at the end of the month.”
Expressing the wish to die in peace, the Bil Batori requested Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to “appreciate my efforts and provide me with medical help at least,” saying the government has failed to take notice of her struggle over the last 25 years.
She complained that she could not have a roof of her own over her head despite serving Pakistani entertainment industry for four decades, adding, the government does not seem least bothered about it.
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