IPhone users expect a brand new design each year and in the continuation of this tradition Apple launches IPhone 7. Most of the new designs of Apple look similar, due to which user are unable to differentiate between various designs. We are accustomed to variants of S of IPhone, but this time, instead of receiving another S a new design is launched by Apple. This year Apple strayed away from the tradition and built a brand new design released in September 2016. IPhone 7 comes with Nano sim, LED-backlit IPS LCD, capacitive 4.7-inch touch screen protected by Ion-strengthened glass and oleophobic coating. We have received waterproof handset with dual speakers, more colourful and brighter screen and dual camera 12MP primary and 7MP secondary camera that is a good low light camera that can take more amazing pictures as compared to IPhone 6. And as an alternative and innovative in an ocean of similar handsets, Apple has changed the home button that will respond to pressure rather than clicks.
Moreover, IPhone 7 is the amazing handset for its new jet black finish top-end and has 256 GB storage and would cast off “tick-tock” mentality of people and proves that Apple can come with more challenging and upgraded features and makes great phones. The two more specificities of IPhone 7 that distinguished it from S series are water-resistant chassis and removal of the headphone jack on the bottom of the phone. This bold or courageous move of headphone jack removal could be very surprising for headphone industry and has a varying degree of effect on the users. With this feature, users can try new Apple Air Pods developed on wireless standard. They are inconvenient for many people as there is not the remarkable difference between sound qualities and removing one pod instantly stops the sound. As well as they are incredibly expensive and don’t look elegant in ears.
On the whole IPhone, 7’s design is impressive because of changes that took place in this design. This phone is comparatively thick due to the waterproofing quality, as more space is needed on the seals within the device. Moreover, IPhone 7 is 7.1mm thick due dual speakers at the earpiece and bottom of the phone.
Perhaps it is worth noting that these features are not new and first of their kind as they have already being used by other Android phones. IPhone 7 being waterproof is also not as much exciting as this feature has also been used by Sony on the Xperia Z and Samsung on the Galaxy S7 and combined exciting and impressing design with surety that even after soaking the phone in a lake, it will work incredibly. It is a completely novel feature for IPhone users.
The pricing structure of IPhone 7 is same as IPhone 6 with 256GB of storage and price for 32GB starts at $649. This phone is cheaper than IPhone 7 plus by $120 which feature 5.5-inch display bigger battery and dual camera. The iPhone 7 is another very good, but not great, handset from Apple.

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