ISLAMABAD: There are several theories circulating regarding what may have caused the PIA plane crash, leaving at least 50 dead in Abbottabad in a shocking incident for the nation.
Global aviation watchdog Aviation Herald said that PK-661 crashed near Abbottabad due to engine problems. TV reports also point towards a fault in the left engine, and ascribe blame to a technical fault in the aircraft. These claims have not been verified by the PIA.
“It remains to be seen if this was a technical fault,” Air Marshall (R) Shahid Latif said.
“In Pakistan, there is a big question regarding whether international safety standards are followed when it comes to aircrafts.”
“Did the pilot make a detailed call to explain what happened? We do not have this information at this point.”
He adds: “In an emergency landing, a plane is supposed to land at the nearest place. Perhaps they did not have this choice… perhaps the plane was not in good flying condition. If the pilot is not able to sustain the flight of the plane then a crash is inevitable.”
“The technical crew can diagnose a problem remotely but they cannot fix the issue till the aircraft lands.”
“Unfortunately, if an engine develops a fault mid-flight then tragedies like these take place.”
He also said Pakistan bought the ATRs some time ago. “We had smaller planes which were discontinued and got the ATR instead. They have been flying and there have no problems as such.”
He added that they are used on short routes routinely. “To my knowledge there has been no report of a technical problem in the ATRs.”
PIA spokesman Daniyal Gilani said the crashed plane was ATR-42 aircraft which was “nearly 10 years old” but he said it was “in good condition”.
Initial reports said no passenger survived in the incident when Pakistan International Airlines flight PK-661 crashed in the mountainous region about 125 km north of Islamabad.
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