Lahore Se Aagey

The attention of the Pakistani cinema has surely raised the level of expectations for the Pakistani movies lovers. With the release of every flick, there is now  an  arousing hype to it  which seems to  be  endless. Lahore Se Aagey also stirred excitements for their fans with Saba Qamar sporting a very fashionable Girl.The audience knew it sure had a lot to look forward to.

Lahore Se Aagey was launched at Nueplex Cinema Karachi.The flick starts off with the brawl between Saba Qamar her name is (Tara who is aspiring singer) and Yasir (Moti) in  an fortuitous encounter with Moti trying to flee  his ravenous Miami who tries to slay him and seize his all property.From there begins their journey together along with some love vibes which almost seem to be pointless as the two characters develop an unlikely affection  for both with in short time.

They run into various abrupt happenings through the movie where many of the situations seem unreasoned and somewhat illogical.

The  point  where the  both  end up in the jungle with a peer looking  lot of  tribal people was foolish and mad. it would almost remind you of a Piccadilly circus . Later the two depart as Tara (Saba  Qamar) quarrel with Moti (Yasir) and he is left all by himself and to overcome the grief of Tara’s departure.He  finds her way to a brothel  where he out of  and now here once again he meets  up with Tara.

This part of the movie  really leaves audience with a plus point  question mark as Saba appears out of the blue at the brothel grooving to the song  Kalabaaz Dil. This was another major loop hole in the story as the story proceeds from there. The  two patch up and flee to Swat to Yasir’s uncle who names fifty percent of his property to Yasir and here Yasir ‘s  character shower as a dubious warmth for  the  very  dangerous so called  Maami  and  give off  the 50% share  of the property to her and in response  to his utmost  goodness  the evil  Maami’s  heart  thus  off dramatic which seems  very  unreal  and  almost  hard  to  know about it .

The whole story  shows in this way on a good note. To sum up, situations in the movie did not seem connected with each other. The plot could have been improved with a little effort.

Many of  the scenes  in the movie are a pure copy of  the Shahid & Kareena’s  movie ‘Jab We Met’ plus one  would even  recall  watching  famous  Bollywood classics  as  few  of the  dialogues also appeared  to  be duplicated from them and  one of  the characters in  the movie almost  duplicate very  iconic  Shehenshah so apparently barring Indian content is all futile at this point.

Some  of  the songs in  this  movie  also  did not  seem to mesh well with the situation  of  the movie and character . The  most  refreshing  bit of the movie was  Saba  Qamar’s more of an  item number Kalabaaz Dil with  all her steps of the song. The performance and the song itself are surely a highlight of  the movie. Rest  of  the  songs  seemed  to  be  forced  fitted  in the  movie.The overall tenor of the movie is humorous to the point it  gets  way  insensitive  and tasteless, and  at  certain bits, the comedy becomes rather  offensive and non-sense as  well.

Here, I would  surely want  to  appreciate Abdullah Farhatullah’s (Sanam Baloch’s husband) performance in  the movie. His character would surely give the audience a good laugh and well judge role.Actors wearing the  same attire  almost  in most of the  scenes may be yet another point to subject the movie to criticism. Although the  movie was obvious efforts  to enthrall  its  audience but it failed to exactly do so. The  colorful  cinematography and  foot – tapping  music  of  the movie  will  surely  delight the  viewers but  the story  would do the opposite from them.Still one would say at least hats off to the collective effort.

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